Planning to redevelop your existing property for future project or build? Demo Logic can offer our expertise in the industry by providing advice & guidance to kick-start your future redevelopment.

Some of the specialised solutions that we can offer for any project no matter the size:



Some local councils require a specialised Demolition Management Plan document to be submitted prior to the commencement of a demolition project. This plan outlines all of the issues & regulations related to the Demolition Project and aims to show council and other stakeholders of the capabilities Demo Logic has to meet all quality and assurance targets.

Crane at Work


Demo Logic can offer mobile crane solutions for any specialised demolition projects. This can involve the removal of redundant plant, lifting of equipment and more.

Signing a Contract


Prior to any demolition being conducted in any area that may impose a risk of any public members being impacted as a result of the works, a REG116 consent letter must be acquired from the relevant council. Demo Logic will outline the public precautions plan and make the application to council in order to acquire the demolition permit. Some of the public protection measures which may be required include but not limited to:

  • Steel gantry decks for overhead protection

  • Scaffold installation for overhead protection

  • Hoardings and/or fencing around the site perimeter

  • Temporary occupation of public space for any boundary works

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What is Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolition can be classed as any demolition project involving the demolition of commercial properties, warehouses, high rise buildings & other special buildings. Commercial demolition projects generally require greater expertise and specialised contractors in order to safely & efficiently deliver the project.

There is much more to Demolition than clearing a block of land. Demo Logic offers turnkey solutions for your future redevelopment project by offering the full package.

Services Decommissioning

Abolishment of Power, Gas, Comms (Telephone/Internet) & Sewer/Water feeds needs to be completed prior to works commencing. Demo Logic can organise for all services to be decommissioned on your behalf by specialised contractors no matter the scale.

Hazardous Materials

Inspections by qualified contractors, issuing Worksafe Notifications prior to removal and clearance certificate supplied by independent Hygienist on completion. Demo Logic can organise for Division 6 (Hazardous Materials audit) as well as a site remediation plan for contaminated soil removal and more.

Demolition Permits

A permit to allow demolition needs to be issued by the Relevant Building Surveyor (RBS) and can only be issued to a licensed demolition contractor that meets to requirements that have been set out by the RBS. We can manage the entire process and offer the full package

Council Approvals

Council requirements can differ. Demo Logic has worked closely with all of the major councils to establish an understanding of all Council requirements for a wide range of projects. This can include public precautions approval (Footpath/Road Occupation or closure), Heritage Overlays, Traffic Management plans and more. Many large scale or industrial buildings will require specialised experience in order to minimise the cost and impact on public areas. Our experienced Project Manager can offer guidance in this regard so that we can kick-start your future project and minimise any unnecessary delays due to council approvals

Protection Works

Notices (PWN)

Demolition of structures that may be close to or adjoining any neighbouring buildings may require PWN to be issued. The PWN are generated by the Demolition Contractor and are issued to the owner of the neighbouring building. The requirement for these notices is determined by the Relevant Building Surveyor and will outline how the demolition contractor will ensure that adjoining buildings are not damaged during during the works. These notices need to be signed off by the adjoining owner in full agreement and Demo Logic can ensure this process is managed swiftly