Melbourne has been saturated with large collection of ‘Demolition Cowboys’, Demo Logic can guarantee the following standards:

  • Compliance with Australian Standards, OHS Regulations & Worksafe Regulations

  • Professional and compliant OHS Paperwork package backed by our experienced Quality, Safety & Environment team

  • Safe demolition practices with full compliance on Council Guidelines, Public Precaution & Relevant Building Surveyor standards

  • Dust & Noise management to limit disturbance to public and adjoining buildings

  • Hazardous materials management plans including safe removal practices & site clearance certificates so that you can be assured of no unexpected finds for any later stages of your project

Our pledge is to offer a full suite of certified OHS, Quality, Environmental & Hazardous Materials management plans to ensure that your future redevelopment project begins in the right direction. All of our projects, permits & inspections are undertaken in accordance with Australian Standards AS2601, Building Act 1993, Building Regulations 2006 and OHS Regulations 2014. Demo Logic works with Licensed Asbestos Contractors to ensure all hazardous materials are removed & disposed of as per Worksafe regulations.


Our clients are guaranteed a standard of service that is unrivalled within the industry whilst offering affordable packages to maximise profit and limit risk on your future redevelopment. Our fully trained & licensed team will adhere to and implement the Australian Demolition Standards, Industry Guidelines & WorkSafe legislation to ensure compliance is met across any sized project.