Planning to redevelop your existing property for future project or build?

Demo Logic can offer our demolition expertise providing advice and guidance to kick-start your development.

There is much more to demolition than clearing a block of land and the process of enabling a residential property to be demolished can be daunting. At Demo Logic Melbourne, our experienced project managers will guide you through every stage of the residential demolition process, and can offer end-to-end demolition management included in our competitive rates. Some things that need to be considered prior to demolishing a residential building are:

Demo Logic will take care of it all.

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Abolishment of Power, Gas, Comms (Telephone/Internet) & Sewer/Water feeds needs to be completed prior to works commencing. Demo Logic can organise for all services to be decommissioned on your behalf.


Demolition and clearing of your residential land can be more affordable than you might think - Whether this is to allow for the construction of your dream home or for an investment into a Subdivision.

Our quotes & allowances are always competitive. Every project is different and an on-site inspection by our experienced team will provide a demolition plan that will minimise the cost & deliver completion in a swift & assured manner.

We have generated the following guide to help you find the approximate cost you can expect to demolish residential properties. Each project will differ and pricing is generally based on:

Size & construction type of your property

Houses constructed of brick, concrete slabs & footings may take longer to demolish but as all these materials can be recycled, tipping & disposal cost can be minimised. On the other hand, houses constructed of weatherboard & mainly timber framing can be quicker to demolish but can increase the cost to dispose of these materials since they are not as readily recyclable. Our experienced team can help guide you with this process and offer advice on recycling as much as possible to help offset some of the cost to demolish your property.

Site constraints & access

Properties in narrow streets that are built adjacent to neighbouring buildings will require more detailed work. Access for our machinery and trucks will always be managed on a case-by-case basis and will be catered to your needs to minimise disruption to neighbours but also help projects to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Hazardous Materials

Generally, older houses have asbestos containing materials (ACM) in the usual suspect areas. Due to their age however, asbestos unexpected finds are always a possibility. The extent of hazardous materials that are encountered will impact the overall cost to demolish a building. We can offer advice on minimising the risk of adversely affecting your future redevelopment by ensuring that hazardous materials are removed as per the OHS regulations and that the risk of future unexpected finds is minimised. Many other Demolition contractors do not treat & remove hazardous materials as per OHS/Worksafe regulations and therefore leave behind nasty surprises which could prove to be costly in the future.


Large trees, green waste and other waste such as contaminated soils will impact the cost to demolish and clear a site. We offer advice and guidance in relation to these issues so that you do not unnecessarily have to deal with the cost for something that can be avoided.